Berliner Ratschlag für Demokratie

Vision for Democracy, Diversity and Respect

Life in Berlin

Our city of Berlin is a lively, multi-faceted city. For centuries people of various social, cultural and religious origins have been living together here.
But this peaceful co-existence has, in the changeful history of the city, always been exposed to hostility. Even today, it faces dangers. Holding them off is a duty for all people living in this city. Because the diversity that is the hallmark and trademark of Berlin must be cultivated and protected.
Nobody has the right to question the democratic culture of mutual respect for different ways of life. Nobody has the right to question the democratic community and to disturb ­pluralist co-existence. All such approaches and efforts are to be countered energetically.
For this, one consistent basic attitude is required of all the people living in Berlin. The BERLIN ALLIANCE FOR DEMOCRACY has set itself the aim of developing, promoting and consolidating this attitude.
The Alliance for Democracy calls for moral courage to be shown everywhere in our city, to forbid extreme right-wing ideas as well as ­discriminating, nationalist, xenophobic, ­racist or anti-Semitic attitudes and behaviour. The Alliance for Democracy campaigns for understanding and tolerance, together with all groups and institutions that want to get involved.
The Alliance for Democracy consistently acts against the spreading of prejudices and against the use of violence – for whatever motives.
The Alliance is sending out a signal for fundamental democratic values to be respected in Berlin. The Alliance makes it clear to opponents of democracy that they and their opinion are outside the democratic urban society.
The Alliance for Democracy would like to strengthen the readiness and ability to deal with undemocratic and anti-parlia­mentary tendencies. It would like to encourage the will to start activities for a democratic and diverse Berlin.
Democracy, acceptance, respect. These key words stand for the vision of an open and inclusive society, supported by strong civic structures. The Alliance for Democracy is determined to embed these values in Berlin in such a way that misanthropic hatred in all its forms will disappear.

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