Berliner Ratschlag für Demokratie

Berlin Commitment

»You are different from me. I respect you.«
»I am different from you. Respect me.«

Anyone who degrades or excludes other people because of their appearance, skin colour, language, origin, religion, clothing or way of life, will encounter our resistance.

We are showing our colours.

There is no simple way to solve conflicts. Nobody who wants to overcome thinking in terms of friends and enemies can follow simplistic slogans.

We will not allow ourselves to be provoked.
We will behave with solidarity.

Anyone who attacks other people with words, gestures or fists is showing weakness.

We will not watch and do nothing.

Berlin is our city: In the school and at the workplace, on the street or in the stadium, in the neighbourhood, in the district and on public transport, in public buildings or in the disco. We share the same places and will not allow them to be damaged. We remain open to the unknown and are considerate towards each other.

We are committed to mutual respect.

The Berlin Commitment has been signed by prominent figures from Berlin and a multitude of other supporters who are campaigning for more respect.

Television report on the constituent meeting

Mein Markenzeichen: Respekt
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